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Amiga Game Support Page

Here is an list of what Games which support NullModem, Modem, JoyPad, CD32 JoyPad, Analog Joystick, 4-Player Adapter and 3.MouseButtons.

NullModem / Modem
2-Button Joypad and CD32 Joypad
Analog Joystick Support
4-Player Adapter Support
3.MouseButtons Support
My Top 25 Games List

NullModem and Modem Support

Game Title: Developer: Supported Functions/HardWare:
Air Warrior On-Line Nullmodem
Alien Breed 3D Team 17 Nullmodem
Alien Breed 3D II Team 17 Nullmodem / Modem
Armour Geddon Psygnosis Nullmodem
Armour Geddon 2 - Operation Hellfire Psygnosis Nullmodem
Ballistic Diplomacy Wolf Nullmodem
Battle Cars - Nullmodem / Modem
Battle Cars 2 - Nullmodem / Modem
Battle Chess Interplay Nullmodem / Modem
Battle Chess 2 Interplay Nullmodem / Modem
Battle Duel - Nullmodem / Modem / TCP-IP
Blitz Bombers - Nullmodem
Combat Air Patrol Psygnosis Nullmodem / Modem
Demon Wars Amiga Fun Nullmodem
Doom ID Software Nullmodem
Doom 2 ID Software Nullmodem
Embryo Black Legend Nullmodem
F-16 Combat Pilot Digital Integration Nullmodem
F-16 Fighting Falcon Spectrum Holobyte Nullmodem
Fears Attic Nullmodem
Fighter Duel Pro 2 - Nullmodem / Modem
Fire Brigade Panther Games Nullmodem / Modem
FirePower Microillusions Nullmodem
Flight of the Intruder Spectrum Holobyte Nullmodem
Flight Simulator 2 Sublogic Nullmodem
Foundation Sadeness Nullmodem / TCP-IP
Genetic Species Marble Eyes / Vulcan Nullmodem / TCP-IP
Global Effect Millenium Nullmodem / Modem
Gloom Black Magic Nullmodem
Gloom Deluxe Black Magic Nullmodem / Modem
Gloom 3 Black Magic Nullmodem
Gravity Power - Nullmodem
Hard Drivin' 2 Domark Nullmodem
Jet Pilot Vulcan Nullmodem
Knights of the sky Microprose Nullmodem / Modem
Leading Lap Black Legend Nullmodem
Lotus II Gremlin Interactive Nullmodem
Matrix Marauders Psygnosis Nullmodem
Medieval Warriors Merit Software Nullmodem
Napalm ClickBoom Nullmodem / TCP-IP
Operation Com.Bat Merit Software Nullmodem
Overdrive Team 17 Nullmodem
Populous Bullfrog Nullmodem / Modem
Populous II Bullfrog Nullmodem / Modem
PowerDrome Electronic Arts Nullmodem
PowerMonger Bullfrog Nullmodem
PowerMonger WW1 Bullfrog Nullmodem
Quake ClickBoom / ID Software Nullmodem / MODEM / TCP IP
RoboSport Maxis Nullmodem / Modem / TCP
RVF Honda Microstyle Nullmodem
SkidMarks Acid Software Nullmodem
SkidMarks 2 Acid Software Nullmodem / Modem
Spaceward-Ho! New World Computing Nullmodem
Stunt Car Racer Microstyle Nullmodem
Super SkidMarks Acid Software Nullmodem / Modem
Telewar Merit Software Nullmodem
The Jet Sublogic Nullmodem
The Perfect General SSI Nullmodem
Tornado Digital Integration Nullmodem
Tracon II Wesson Nullmodem
Turbo Trax Black Legend Nullmodem
Vroom Domark Nullmodem
Vroom 2 - F1 Domark Nullmodem
White Death Command Sim. Nullmodem
Wild Wheels Ocean Nullmodem
Xtreme Racing Silltunna Software Nullmodem / Modem

2-Button JoyPad and CD32 JoyPad Support

Game Title: Developer: Supported Functions/HardWare:
Aladdin Virgin 2-Button - Throw/Jump
Alien III - 2-Button - Weapon Select
Apidya II Kaiko 2-Button - Change Weapon
Arabian Nights - 2-Button - Inventory
BC Kid - 2-Button - Headbanging
Blastar Core Design 2-Button - Bombs
Brutal Sports Football Millenium 2-Button - Change Mode
Bubba'n Stix - 2-Button - Jump/Stick
Capital Punishment Clickboom CD32 Joypad
Cool Spot Virgin 2-Button - Jump
Crazy Football Millenium 2-Button - Change Mode
Fighti'n Spirit - CD32 JoyPad
Flashback Delphine software 2-Button - Get the Gun
Formula One Grand Prix Microprose 2-Button - Gear
Gem'x Kaiko 2-Button - Undo Last Move
Gloom Deluxe Black Magic CD32 Joypad
Gloom 3 Black Magic CD32 Joypad
Gunship 2000 Microprose 2-Button - Change Target
Hired Guns Psygnosis 2-Button - Weapon Select/Inv
Humans 3 - Evolution Gametek 2-Button -
Jet Strike Grandslam 2-Button - Weapon
Kick Off '96 Anco CD32 JoyPad
Leading Lap - CD32 JoyPad
Leander Psygnosis 2-Button - Special Weapon
Lionheart Thalion 2-Button - Sword
Mortal Kombat Midway 4/2-Butt - Hard High Kick
Mortal Kombat 2 Midway 4/2-Butt - Hard High Kick
Overdrive Team 17 2-Button - Accel./Brake
Project X Team 17 2-Button - Change Weapon
Skidmarks 2 Acid Software 2-Button - Button Beep
Streetfighter II Capcom 2-Button - Kick
SubWar 2050 Microprose 2-Button - Change Target
Super StreetFighter II Turbo Gametek 4/2-Butt - CD32 JoyPad
Total Carnage - 2-Button - Drop Bomb
Turrican Factor 5 2-Button - Flashes
Turrican II Factor 5 2-Button - Flashes
Turrican III Factor 5 2-Button - Jump
Uridium 2 - 2-Button - Fire
Uropa 2 Austex / Vulcan CD32 Joypad
Wendetta 2175 - 2-Button - Use Item
Wizkid Sensible Software 2-Button - Jump/Use Item
Xenon II - MegaBlast Bitmap Brothers 2-Button - Back
Xtreme Racing Silltunna Software CD32 JoyPad
Yo Jo! - 2-Button - Jump

Analog Joystick Support

Game Title: Developer: Supported Functions/HardWare:
Air Support Psygnosis Analog
Armour Geddon Psygnosis Analog
Armour Geddon 2 - Operation HellFire Psygnosis Analog
Birds of Prey Argonaut Software Analog
Dogfight Microprose Analog
F-15 Strike Eagle II Microprose Analog
Falcon - Analog
Fighter Duel Pro II - Analog
Formula One Grand Prix Microprose Analog
Gunship 2000 Microprose Analog
Knights of the sky Microprose Analog
PowerDrome Electronic Arts Analog
T.F.X. DID Analog

4-Player Adaptor Support

Game Title: Developer: Supported Functions/HardWare:
Base Jumpers - 4-Player Adapter
Blitz Bombers - 4-Player Adapter
Bug Bomber - 4-Player Adapter
Carnage - 4-Player Adapter
Dynablaster Hudson Soft 4-Play + 1.Keyboard / 5.Players
Gauntlet 2 - 4-Player Adapter
Great Courts II Blue Byte 4-Player Adapter
Hired Guns Psygnosis / DMA Design 4-Player Adapter
Kargon - 4-Player Adapter
Kick Off II Anco 4-Player Adapter
Letaherneck - 4-Player Adapter
Megatron - 4-Player Adapter
Over the net Linel 4-Player Adapter
Subtrade Century 4-Player Adapter
Super Skidmarks Acid Software 4/8-Players
Super Skidmarks 2 Acid Software 4/8-Players
Traders - 4-Player Adapter
TV Sports Basketball Cinemaware 4-Player Adapter
Xtreme Racing Silltunna Software 4/8-Players

3.MouseButton Support

Game Title: Developer: Supported Functions/HardWare:
Diggers Millenium Amiga CD32

My Top 25 Games, (and possibly the best Games ever made)

Game Title: Developer: Computer:
Frontier - Elite II (Enhanced) Gametek Amiga CD32
Turok Acclaim Nintendo 64
Syndicate Bullfrog PC CD-Rom
PowerMonger Bullfrog Amiga ECS
Pirates GOLD (Enhanced) Microprose Amiga CD32
Liberation - Captive II Mindscape Amiga CD32
Gunship 2000 Microprose Amiga CD32
Settlers 2 Blue Byte PC CD-Rom
Terminal Velocity 3D Realms PC CD-Rom
Colonization Microprose Amiga ECS/AGA
Capitalism Plus Interactive Magic PC CD-Rom
Hired Guns Psygnosis Amiga ECS
Xtreme Racing Silltunna Software Amiga AGA
UFO - Enemy Unknown Microprose Amiga CD32
Ocean Trader Software 2000 PC CD-Rom
Turrican II Factor 5 Amiga ECS
F1 - Vroom 2 Domark Amiga ECS
The Secret of Monkey Island Lucas Arts Amiga ECS
The Secret of Monkey Island 2 Lucas Arts Amiga ECS
The Secret of Monkey Island 3 Lucas Arts PC CD-Rom
Heimdall Core Design Amiga ECS
Magic Carpet 2 Bullfrog PC CD-Rom
Syndicate Wars Bullfrog PC CD-Rom
Litil Divil Gremlin Interactive Amiga CD32
Read Alert Westwood PC CD-Rom
Theme Hospital Bullfrog PC CD-Rom
Dungeon Keeper Bullfrog PC CD-Rom
Need for Speed II Electronic Arts PC -CD-Rom
Heroes of Might and Magic 2 New World Computing PC CD-Rom
Privateer 2 - The Darkening Origin PC CD-Rom
Heimdall 2 Core Design Amiga CD32
Interstate '76 Activision PC CD-Rom
Carmageddon SCI PC CD-Rom

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