Updated 15-August-98

The Frontier - Elite II Page!

The Hidden Ship - Mirage (Empire)! Doesen't Exist!

  • You wont be able to get this before you are Elite and Prince!
  • Technical: (This Rules) :)
  • Hull Mass: 265.Tonnes
  • Mass (Fully Laden): 5700.Tonnes
  • Internal Capacity (No Drive): 5435.Tonnes
  • Retro Thruster Acceleration: 28.Earth G.
  • Main Thruster Acceleration: 34.Earth G.
  • Crew: Only 5. (To pay rent for).
  • Gun Mountings: 10+Front...Wow!!!
  • Missile Pylons: 22...KickAss!!!
  • Allegiance: Empire, Mercenary.

    My Current Saved Game!

    I began in September 1994 with this game and are still playing it. :))
    This is without Cheating!!!
    I have gone for the Elite Ranking and Trading!
    Elite Ranking: Dangerous!
    Imperial Rank: Sir
    Federal Rank: Corporal
    Money: 23.102.206 Dollars!
    Panther Clipper, 2000.Tonnes
    100.MW. Beam Laser + 3 * 5.MW Lasers
    18.Passenger Cabins
    25.Shield Generators.(Still Surving even when i Crash with an Imperial Trader)!
    Navigation Aid (Only CD32 Version) and everything else of equipment!

    Hints & Tips!

  • Fly between Lave and Zaonce to Get most Kills and registered Bounties - To get up the Elite Ranking Fast
  • Fly between Facece and Vequess to get most jobs for the Imperial Navy - To get up the Imperial Military Ranking Fast
  • Fly between Sol and Wolf 359 and trade Slaves to get much Money!
  • Fly between Ross 154 and Formalhaut to get the Federal Military Ranking up fast.
  • Fly between Lave and Zaonce to get alot of bounty kills.

    Copyright 1998 - Robert Karlsen.