Updated 15-August-98

Welcome to Future World Game Company Directory!




Access SoftwareLinks 386, Under a Killing Moon, The Pandora Directive
Acclaim Japan
Quarterback Attack, Supreme Warrior
AccoladeDeadlock, Hardball 5, Star Control 3, Unnecessary Roughness '96
Action GamesHammerheads
ActiVisionMech Warrior 2, Pitfall, the Mayan Adventure
Actual EntertainmentGubble
Adrenalin SoftwareInto the Void
Advanced Idea MachinesPango, Tensor
AHA!Santa's Sectret Valley, Twisted Tails
ALF EngineeringRehearsal, Pardon?, GeoChem Interactive, GeoStrike!
Alive SoftwareAnimal Quest, Dinosaur Predators, Magic Crayon, VGA Concentrate
AlterNet RealitiesPhoenix Armada
Ambrosia SoftwareEscape Velocity, Apeiron, Barrack, Chiral
American Laser GamesOrbatak, Fast Draw Showdown, Fender Benderz
Anarchy EntertainmentToo Many Geckos, Dread
Animatek InternationalEl-Fish (with Maxis), Ice & Fire, Railer
Any RiverFlying Saucer, A Fork in the Tale
Apogee Software Ltd.Rise of the Triad, Wacky Wheels, Hocus Pocus, Mystic Towers
Archetype InteractiveMeridian 59
Arsenal PublishingTacOps
Art Data InteractiveChess Wars, Nick Faldo Championship Golf
ASCMelt, S.T.O.R.M, Perfect Weapon, TNN Outdoors Bass Fishing Tournament
AtariTempest 2000, Baldies, Flipout, Highlander
Atlantis InteractiveMirage, Dream Catcher, Skin, Catfight
Atomic GamesStalingrad, World at War: Operation Crusader, Beyond Squad Leader
Avalon HillAdvanced Civilization, D-Day: America Invades, 1830, 5th Fleet


BadgerCom SoftwarePrince of Destruction, Mars, RPG Tools
BAO PublishingMicrosoft Flight Simulator
Beaucomm InteractiveBacklash, Entombed, Carnage
Berkely SystemsYou Don't Know Jack
Bethesda SoftwareTerminator Rampage, Daggerfall
Bevelstone ProductionFields of Battle
Beyond Games, Inc.Battle Wheels
Big Time SoftwareOver the Reich, Flight Commander 2
BioWareShattered Steel
The Bitmap BrothersChaos Engine I & II, Z, Gods, Speedball
Blizzard EntertainmentWarcraft Series, Shattered Nations, Pax Imperia, Diablo
Bloodlust SoftwareTimeslaughter
BlueByteArchimedian Dynasty, Albion, The Settlers II, Battle Isle 2220
Blue Sky SoftwareAssassin 2015
BrainstormChessMates, Flipper, Drawing Discoveries, Mario's Fundamentals
BrainTainment CenterTHINKfast
BrainwareDescent Mission Builder
Broderbund Software, Inc.In the 1st Degree, Carmen SanDiego, Prince of Persia, Alien Tales
Brooklyn MultimediaRobot City, The Martian Chronicles, Zeram, The Ultimate Alien, Westworld 2000
BuggySoft DevelopmentSmall Mac game company
Bullfrog Productions Ltd. (US)
Bullfrog Productions Ltd. (UK)
Magic Carpet, Syndicate Wars, Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, Populous 3
Byron Preiss MultimediaRobot City, The Martian Chronicles, Zeram, Westworld 2000


CapcomSuper Street Fighter 2
CapstoneWitchaven, Tek War, Chronomaster, Corridor 7
Carr SoftwareCapture the Flag
Casady & GreeneAmoebArena, Glider Pro, Zone Warrior
Cascoly SoftwareWinzle, Ecomaster, Anarchy, MVP Bridge
Castle SoftwareExcelsior, Skyland's Star
Catware, Inc.Star General
Centron SoftwareJigsaw Power, Casino Master, Puzzle Power, Crossword Creator
Cereberus DevelopmentBlitz! (PC), Fracas, Speed Demon (MAC)
CHAMProgrammingChamp Kong, Champ Pac-em, Champ Ms. Pac-em, Champ Centipede
Cog InteractiveStrike Force Terran Northlands LoreMaster
Contango, Inc.ScreenToyz, WebToyz
CorelArcade Mania, Blue Tortise, Adventures with Edison
Cosmic JamStain ProductionsAttack of the Schmoog, The Fall
Crack Dot ComAbuse
Crayon MultimediaHard Hat, The World of Totty Pig, Baby-ROM, Not Now Said the Cow
Creative WondersSesame Street, Counting on Frank, Schoolhouse Rock, Jungle Book
CrimsonAssault on Turkey Rock
CrossdownCrossdown, Enigmacross
CW SoftwareCribbage Pro, Hearts
Cyan, Inc.Myst
CyberdreamsI Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream, Darkseed II
CyberflixDust, Jump Raven, Lunicus
CybergourdWinball '96, Quest for Atlantis
CyberPunk SoftwareVirtual Woman '95


Dark Unicorn ProductionsThe Wargame Processor, TomCat FMV, Scorched Tanks, Psycho Squares Deluxe
Data EastMVP Baseball '96, MVP College Football '96
Davidson & AssociatesEducational games like Math Blaster
Deadly GamesDrumbeat, M4, U-Boat, The Battle of Britain
Delta Tao SoftwareSpaceward Ho!, Eric's Ultimate Solitaire, Strategic Conquest, Dark Castle
Desktop ToysDesktop Toys
Digicraft SoftwareMegaMaze, Reflector Chess
Digital DialectBattle Arena Toshinden, Atlantis, Cancun
Digital Image DesignEF2000, F-29 Retaliator, TFX, Inferno: The Odyssey Continues
Digital IntegrationWeen: The Prophecy
Digital LobsterTotal Knockout Championship Female Boxing
Digital PicturesSupreme Warrior, Quarterback Attack, Corpse Killer
DigiTarTribal Fear
Discis Knowledge Research, Inc.Jewels of the Oracle, Karma
Distributions Logi-QCoffret, Mastermind, Skyride, Space-X
Diversions SoftwarePrarie Dog Pro, Trap Shooting Pro, U-Boat Patrol, Star Gunner Pro
Domark (Merged into Eidos)Absolute Zero, Lords of Midnight, The Orion Conspiracy
DreamWorks InteractiveThe Neverhood


Edge GamesGarfield, Bobby Bearing
EideticLive Action Football, All-Star Baseball
Eidos Interactive (Formerly Domark, US Gold)Tomb Raider
Electronic ArtsFade to Black, Shockwave, Need for Speed 2, Roadrash
EMIPromised Land
Empire InteractiveNavy Strike, Battleground Ardennes, Pro Pinball-The Web
Enlight SoftwareCapitalism
Entrex SoftwareCivil War, Civil War II
Epic MegaGamesEpic Pinball, Jazz Jackrabbit


FAAC Inc.Military Sims
Fenris WolfRebel Moon
FirestormGalactic Mirage
5D GamesG-Zero
Flying Muffin EnterprisesEnhancements for Falcon 3.0


The Game FactoryBaryon, Threat, SuperSpeed
GameTekCrossworld, Jack the Ripper, Jeopardy Platinum, MicroMachines
Goldtree EnterprisesCylindrix, Kingspoint
Graphic Simulations CorporationF/A-18 Hornet, Tour of Duty: Korean Crisis, Hellcats Over the Pacific
Gray Design AssociatesNitemare-3D, Hugo's House of Horrors, Hugo II, Whodunit?, Hugo III, Jungle of Doom!
Gremlin InteractiveNormality, Fatal Racing, Euro '96, Loaded
GrolierBanzai Bug, Battle of the Ironclads, Greg Norman Golf, Surf and Destroy
Ground Up SoftwareSpin
GTE EntertainmentFX Fighter
GT InteractiveMortal Kombat III, SuperKarts


Happy Napalm SoftwareDoom Gore Add-Ons
Happy Puppy Software (Formerly Accursed Toys)Boppin', Amazeing 5, Shark Chums
Heaven SoftwareKarafun
Homebrew SoftwareBars, GateWorld, Star Hammer, Time Hunters
HPS SimulationsAide de Camp, Tigers on the Prowl, Panthers in the Shadows
Humongous EntertainmentPajama Sam, Freddi Fish, Putt-Putt, Schoolhouse
HypnovistaAlien Checkers, Mill Pro, Jungle Chess


I-Motion InteractiveAlone in the Dark Series, CEO, Chaos Control, Marco Polo
IBM Multimedia StudioAll-American College Football, Mad Dog McCree, NFL Pro League Football, Power: The Game
Icarus SoftwareStar Fleet Combat Simulator
id SoftwareDoom, Doom ][, Heretic
Illusion Machines IncorporatedThis Means War!
Impressions - Bought by SierraCaesar II
Indigo ProductionsRise of the Indigo Moon
Infinite Monkey SystemsBaseball Mogul
Infinite SoftwareRico Suave MD (Mouse Detective)
Infogrames EntertainmentAlone in the Dark, Prisoner of Ice, Shadow of the Comet, Marco Polo
iNSCAPESqueezils, Assasin: 2015, Creatures, Drowned God
Instant AccessPerfect Flight, Perfect Pinball, Battle Isle 2, Titan's Legacy
Interactive Creations, Inc.Warbirds, Confirmed Kill
Interactive Ink, IncorporatedTheo the Dinosaur
Interactive MagicStar Rangers, Apache, Exploration, Capitalism
InterplayDescent, Descent 2, Virtual Pool, Stonekeep
IntracorpDistributor for 360 and Capstone
Inverse InkReflux
InnerloopJoint Strike Fighter


Jane's Combat SimulationsAH-64D Longbow, ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighters
Joleter SoftwareSynthetic Future, Dimension, Chutes, Freeform Fighter


KesmaiAir Warrior, Harpoon Online, Casino Poker, The Dragon's Tale
Kinesoft Development Corp.Earthworm Jim, Pitfall: the Mayan Adventure, Knight Moves
KMR ConsultingCrypto!


Leaping Lizard SoftwareDark Crusaders
Literate Software SystemsAcross Lite
The Logic FactoryAscendancy
LogicWareAstroRock, Kingdom: The Far Reaches
Looking Glass TechnologiesFlight Unlimited, Terra Nova
LucasArtsFull Throttle, Dark Forces, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Day of the Tentacle
LYRIQ InternationalPicture Perfect Golf, LYRIQ Crosswords


MacPlayInterplay for the Mac
Magic TouchSkunny (with Atomic Entertainment)
Magnet InteractiveIcebreaker, Monster Island, Bluestar
MalsoftLunar Lander, Project Dashboard
MaxisSimCity 2000, SimTower, SimIsle, Sim Copter, RoboSport
MaxWareStreet Shuffle for Windows
MechadeusThe Daedalus Encounter, Critical Path
MegaMediaAdmiral Sea Battles, Outlaw Racers, Chasm, StarNations
Megatech SoftwarePower Dolls, Knights of Xentar, Metal & Lace, Cobra
MGM/UADarkseed II
Micro Cabin Corp.Deep Blue Fleet 2 Perfect
Micro Sports, Inc.NFL Pro League Football, All-American College Football, Pro League Baseball
MicroforumDagger's Race
MicroLearnGame Pack for OS/2
MicroProseCivilization, Railroad Tycoon, X-Com games, Across the Rhine
MicroSoftFury3, Hellbender, Monster Truck Madness, Close Combat
Military Simulations, Inc.Back to Baghdad
Mind Over MatterCharacter Alchemist, Dungeon Smythe, Dungeon Alchemist, Language Smythe
MindscapeSu-27 Flanker, Metal Marines, Al Unser, Jr. Arcade Racing, Azrael's Tear
Mirinae Software Izmir, Defender of Freedom, Dragon Force, Apachacha
Mission Studios Jet Fighter III
Mixed Metaphor Software Derrat Sorcerum, P'tong, Soldiers of the Sun, Maghanjerig
Mobeus Designs, Inc. Esoteria 3, Sanguine Drak
Mojave Sinkha, Secrets of the Luxor
Monolith, Inc. WinRage, WinPlax
Moonlite Software Taking Care of Business, Clyde's Adventure, Crazy Eights
Morgan Systems Xenon, Ricochet


NecroBonesUFO: The Card Game, Stellar Conquest III, Asteroid Mayhem, Battle of the Elements
Nef ProductionsDeathball, Deathball Incarnate, Impetus Exodus, Lawn Viper
NEO Software ProductionThe Clou!, Whale's Voyage II, Dark Universe
New World ComputingWetlands, Might and Magic: World of Xeen, Hammer of the Gods
Next MoveAnyone for Cards, Casino Tournament of Champions
Nexus SoftwareSpace Fighter II, Mountain Biker, Vaccuum Mom, Monster Gladiator
Nine Dragons SoftwareHong Kong Mahjong
NovaLogic, Inc.Werewolf vs. Comanche
NovastarScenarios for Steel Panthers, Tanks!, and Empire II
NytekZombie Man DeLuxe


Ocean SoftwareJurassic Park, TFX, Central Intelligence, Inferno
Optik SoftwareIgor, Xixit, Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf
OriginBioForge, System Shock, Ultima, Wing Commander
Other RealmsMeridian 59
Oxford SoftworksChess System Tal, Bridge Champion with Omar Sharif


Palladium InteractivePYST, Bears at Work, Wishbone, Nine Worlds
Panasonic Interactive MediaCyberdillo, Isis, Theo the Dinosaur
Papyrus - Bought by SierraNASCAR Racing, Indy Car Racing
Parallax SoftwareDescent, Descent ][
Perspective Visuals, Inc.Business Strategy Game
PF MagicDogz, Catz
Philips MediaBurn:Cycle, Chaos Control, Merlin's Apprentice, Mad Dog McCree
Pie in the Sky Software3D Game Creation System
Piranha InteractiveMajestic, SYN-FACTOR
Playmates Interactive EntertainmentPower Slave
Pop Rocket, Inc.Total Distortion
PositronicPerfect Partner Bridge
Presto StudiosThe Journeyman Project Turbo, The Journeyman Project 2
Probe EntertainmentMortal Kombat, Alien, Batman Forever
PsygnosisLemmings, Lemmings 2, Lemmings 3D, Destruction Derby
Pulse EntertainmentBad Mojo, Iron Helix
The Puzzle DepotCrossword Express


QQPPerfect General II, The Lost Admiral, Battles in Time
Quicksilver SoftwareConquest of the New World


Rainbow AmericaAir Havoc Controller, The Hive
Raven Software Corp.Heretic, Hexen, CyClones, Shadow Caster
ReadySoft IncorporatedBrain Dead 13, Dragon's Lair, Space Ace
Reality InteractiveCyril the Cyberpunk
Reckless EntertainmentThe Great Slot Machine, Think 3D
Red Balloon (English)
Red Balloon (German)
Lost Signals
Red Balloon Kidz (English)
Red Balloon Kidz (German)
Pumuckl, Gus Goes to Cybertown
Remedy EntertainmentDeath Rally
Revolution SoftwareLure of the Temptress, Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword
R/GA Digital StudiosGearHeads
Rocket ScienceCadillacs and Dinosaurs, Wing Nuts
Rogue EntertainmentStrife
Runandgun, Inc.Wild Ride


Safari SoftwareSeek and Destroy, Highway Hunter, Line Wars II, Traffic Department 2092
Sanctuary Woods MultimediaBuried in Time, The Riddle of Master Lu, Orion Burger, Lion
Sawnose SoftwareMonopoly 85, Tic-Tac-toe 85
SCi Computer GamesGender Wars
Sega PCEcco the Dolphin, Comix Zone, Tomcat Alley, Virtua Fighter Remix
7th LevelBattle Beast
Shadowsoft, Inc.Heroman, Lexis
Shiny EntertainmentEarthworm Jim
Sierra OnlineKing's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Phantasmagoria, Gabriel Knight
Silicon Commander GamesWinWar II, Solar Commander, Proliferation
Silver Lightning SoftwareRally Challenge
Sirius PublishingTreasure Quest
SirtechWizardry Gold, Jagged Alliance, Shadows Over Riva, Druid
SkyboxSkyborg: Into the Vortex
Sleepless SoftwareInner Worlds
Small World SoftwareSmall World Hoops, Small World Baseball
Smart GamesSmart Games Challenge
SW Games Smithware (formerly Smithware)Yendorian Tales
Smokin' DigitalSecrets of the Lost Dynasty
Softdisk PublishingIn Pursuit of Greed
Software Dynamics GameWorldInner Space
SolStar MediaBarrier, Lander 3099, Snake, Chomper
Sony Electronic PublishingDiscworld, Ecstatica, ESPN Baseball Tonight
Spectrum HolobyteStar Trek: A Final Unity
Spiderweb SoftwareExile I, Exile II
Square SoftFinal Fantasy Series
Square Wheel StudiosCaptain Adonis in Hardware Havok, Vigilance
SSIAllied General, DeathKeep, Ravenloft, Silent Hunter
Star Crossed SoftwareStars!
Stardock SoftwareGalactic Civilizations, Star Emperor!
Star GraphicsFigurePic, Ambush, TAZ, Q
StarhillUnder Pressure, Pressure Drop
Stelcon DevelopmentStelcon, Stelcon II
Steve Jackson GamesIlluminati, GURPS, Car Wars
Stormfront StudiosTony La Russa Baseball, Old Time Baseball
Strategic Studies Group (SSG)Warlords II DeLuxe, The Complete Carriers at War, The Last Blitzkrieg
Sunstorm Interactive (Formerly Atomic Entertainment)Skunny (with Magic Touch)
SykoSoft SoftwareBad Libs for Windows, SykoDice


Take 2 InteractiveRipper, Battlecruiser: 3000AD, Star Crusader, Bureau 13
Target Games ABMutant Chronicles, The Mortificator
Team 17Have You Got Worms?, Tower Assault, Kingpin, Superfrog
Team EvilRagnarok
Telemedia Interactive SoftwareDistributors for Red Balloon and Red Balloon Kidz
TelstarDavis Cup Tennis, Onside, Fable
Terminal Reality, Inc.Terminal Velocity, Fury3, F!Zone
Terra Nova SoftwareNetPlay
3 Prong Plug GamesSFPD Homicide Case File, Terror T.R.A.X., Banzai Bugs, Battle of the Ironclads
3D Realms EntertainmentTerminal Velocity, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior 3D
360Harpoon II
Thunderbear Software CreationsFootball Fanatic
Time Warner InteractiveRise of the Robots, Conqueror, Flash Traffic
Titanic EntertainmentNetStorm
Top Gun EntertainmentVirtual F16 Simulators
TrilobyteThe 7th Guest, The 11th Hour
Trimark InteractiveThe Hive
TsunamiFree Enterprise, Silent Steel, Flash Traffic, Return to Ringworld
Turner InteractiveDinotopia
Twentieth Century Fox Home EntertainmentThe Simpsons Cartoon Studio, Die Hard Trilogy
21st Century EntertainmentPinball Fantasies, Pinball Arcade, Pinball Mania, Pinball Illusions
Twilight Zone SoftwareInterpose


UbisoftKiyeko and the Lost Night, Alexi Lalas Red Hot Soccer
UDSAbsolute Pinball
Ultimate SoftwareCherry Delight, Home Stretch, Double Dynamite, Lucky Stars
UltraTekDoolittle Raid, SpaceTrek
US Gold (Merged into Eidos)Tomb Raider


VelocityJet Ski Rage, Spectre VR, Jetfighter II
Viable Software AlternativesWorld Empire, Pole-It Poker, Heavy Water Jogger
Viacom NewMediaZoop, Phantom 2040, Beavis & Butthead: Virtual Stupidity
Virgin Interactive EntertainmentDistributors for Westwood, Looking Glass, Mechadeus, EMI
Virtual Adventures, Inc.Star Quest I
Virtual VegasVirtual Vegas Blackjack, Assault Poker
VR SportsVirtual Snooker, Virtual Pool, VR Soccer
VR1 EntertainmentAir Attack, The SARAC Project, The RIFT, ArachNet


Wanderlust InteractivePink Panther
Warner Active EntertainmentThe Chaos Engine (with The Bitmap Brothers), Panic In the Park (with Imagination Pilots Entertainment)
Webfoot TechnologiesTwinBlok, H20
Westwood StudiosKyrandia, Lands of Lore, DUNE II: The Building of a Dynasty, Command & Conquer
Wilson SoftwareTurbo Texas Hold 'Em, Turbo Seven-Card Stud, Turbo Omaha High-Low Split, Turbo Omaha High
Winbet SoftwareWinbet


XatrixCyberia 2


ZendaTravelrama USA, Wacky Jacks
ZombieIce and Fire, Locus

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