Updated 15-August-98.

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Amiga Game Releases!

(All these Games are or will be Available from Midgard Data ANS in Norway!)

Game Title: Developer/Publisher: Format: Release Date:
3D Pinball Rios/Lebed Project CD-Rom TBA
Auto Racing Rios/Lebed Project CD-Rom TBA
Black Sanctuary Rios/Lebed Project CD-Rom TBA
Breed 2001 Vulcan Software - TBA
Championship Manager 2 Domark Disk TBA
Demistar Rios/Lebed Project CD-Rom TBA
Devils Child MediaSoft CD-Rom TBA
Diversia Ablaze Entertainment CD-Rom TBA
Explorer 2260 New World Foundry CD-Rom / PPC 1998
Ffigy Effigy CD-Rom TBA
Flyin' High P.U.R.E.-Design CD-Rom Released
Forgotten Forever Charm Design CD-Rom Late 1997
Fortress of Fear Digital Reality SoftworX CD-Rom 1998
Foundation Sadeness Software CD-Rom Released
Genetic Species Vulcan Software CD-Rom Released
GOLEM Underground Software CD-Rom TBA
Hell Pigs Vulcan Software CD-Rom August 97 ?
Maim & Mangle Deimos Designs CD-Rom TBA
Myst Clickboom! CD-Rom Released
Necromantics Effigy CD-Rom TBA
Nothingness Cassiope Development CD-Rom TBA
On Escapee Invictus Team CD-Rom Released
Petro Petroni - Private Eye Exotik Software CD-Rom December 1997
Phantasmagoria - CD-Rom TBA
Phoenix Iluminatus CD-Rom TBA
Pinball Brain Damage Vulcan Software - Released
Pulsator Fullspeed Creative Development CD-Rom TBA
Quake Clickboom! CD-Rom / PPC Released
Scions of a Forgotten World Vulcan Software CD-Rom Late 1997
Shadow of the Third Moon Unknown CD-Rom Released
Sixth Sence Investigations Cinetech/Epic Marketing CD-Rom TBA
Speris Legacy 2 Binary Emotions - TBA
StarFighter - - TBA
Strangers Vulcan Software CD-Rom July 1997
Testament 2 APC&TCP CD-Rom Released
TFX DID HardDisk CU Amiga October 97
The Hunting Direct Software CD-Rom Autumn 1997
The Obelisk Aurora Works CD-Rom Late 1997
Trapped 2 Oxyron CD-Rom Released
Uropa 2 Vulcan Software CD-Rom Released
Valhalla 4 Vulcan Software Disk TBA
Wasted Dreams Vulcan Software CD-Rom August 1997

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