Updated 16-August-98.

Software i have made on the Amiga/PC...

Some files are now available for download!

Modules that i have made on the Amiga/PC.

Module Name: Format: Download:
Original Techno Tribute Mix FastTracker 2 Available on Aminet and Aminet CD 15!

Norwegian translations for Amiga Software.

Program Name: Download here!
AFind by Guido Mersmann Download the AFind Catalogs!
DMSGui 1.8 by Pedro Luis Mieza Download the DMSGui Catalogs!
OptyCDPlayer by Stephane Barbaray Download the OptyCDPlayer Catalogs!
PopPhone 2.0 by Jon Rocatis Download the PopPhone Catalogs!
ReOrg 3.11 by Holger Knuse Download the ReOrg Catalogs!
RexxCDPro by Urban Lindeskog Download the RexxCDPro Catalogs!
Scandalfo's CDPlayer by Juan J. Garcia De Soria Download the Scandalfo's CDPlayer Catalogs!
StartMenu 2 by John Corigliano Download the StartMenu 2 Catalogs!

Utilities - Amiga/PC.

Program Name: Download:
Amiga Shutdown like the one in Win 98 -
Argue GUI for CDGSXL -

Graphics - Amiga/PC.

Picture Name: Download:
Not yet available! Not yet available!

(M)BBS Menus and Scripts.

MBBS File Description: Download:
Heimdall MBBS Menus Not yet available!
Global Scripts for MBBS 10.2 Not yet available!

Please send me e-mail if it's something you want!
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